Are you tired of looking for fortnite ps3 don’t worry you are in a right place? As we have made fortnite on ps3 possible. All you have to do is download Ps3 fortnite iso file and upload it to some storage device like pen drive and DVD which you can plug it into your PS3 Devices. Fortnite ps3 download is absolutely for free this is teamwork done by godoftech. There the 10 students from MIT students from Californication have given their contribution to making this fortnite for ps3 possible as this is a copy of PS4 all graphics and game pattern remains same.


fortnite on ps3

The concept of fortnite for ps3 came up when we were getting lots and lots of question from many users like is fortnite on ps3? is fortnite available on ps3? So decided to work on this project to tell why not to make this game possible on the PS3 console. Fortnite ps3 works really fine on all models of Ps3 Console including Slim, fat and ultra slim we are not getting any issues or any problems by now from any game tester. Graphics works totally fine as this game is an online playing game developer of epics games made this low on graphics to make it run smoothly in the online environment. That is what made us plus point and graphics of this game are supported by the PS3 till now. Running fortnite on ps3 is really simple all you have to do is download ISO format and upload it to pen drive or DVD.


fortnite ps3
Playing fortnite for ps3 don’t require PS3 jailbroken as you must need to jailbreak for many games and apps to run on PS3. It is simply the high copy of PS4 version all we did was decrypted the PS4 iso and encrypted into the PS3 compatible language using Unicode and c# language so the key has been included while decrypting process which made this game playable even in the normal PS3 console without jailbreak. Fortnite has been one of the most successful games of the year with millions and millions of copy where been downloaded on the release date of this game. It is the good collaboration between battlefield and fortnite. It is survival online multiplayer game released for PC, Mac, IOS, PS4 and Xbox One Excluding Android and PS3 but why do you need to worry if you can get the PS3 version from our website.


ps3 fortnite

We cannot expect fortnite ps3 release date officially, as PS3 console has already been outdated and most of the gamers have already moved on to the PS4 upgraded console. The ISO file of this game is around 3.5 GB as this game frequently keeps updating
we have to keep working on maintaining the game working on the current firmware so which can make this game bigger in near future as you will also be downloading some maps and updates before playing this game which will make this game around the size 5GB in total. We recommend using pen drive of at least 8 GB to stay on the safe side.


PS4: Slim, ultra slim(No jailbreak required)
Pendrive 4GB++
DVD / Blueray

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